5 Places To Dine In- When In Goa!

Goa has been one of the most trendy destinations not only for Indians but also to a large pool of tourists flying from all over the world due to its tropical climate, water sports, vacation vibes and a lot of interesting things to enjoy. The most essential thing of any tourist place is the food. If the food is good it makes you enjoy the place even more. With interesting cuisines from all around the globe and some cool cafes with good music and delicious delicacies here is a list of places you must dine out in to enjoy some sizzling and mouth watering delicacies:

  1. The Lazy Goose: Located in North Goa, this place is very vibrant and comfortable at the same time. With the view of River Mandovi, It is a perfect place to dine in with your family or friends. One could enjoy delicious Goan fish, crab and prawns which is few of their specialities with soft live music playing in the background. The quantities of the dishes is comparatively small, but each dish has a unique touch to it and it worth enjoying. Dining at this place is a bit expensive but it gives you a feel of Goa’s synergy and chill vibes.




2.  Martin’s Corner: The Martin’s Corner is one of the Oldest and most famous cafes located near Panjim, Goa. It has tourists coming from all over the world. Even though its located in a secluded and quiet place, people still seem to come and enjoy here. The place is extremely famous for its Goan cuisines and steaks. Do no forget to try Bebinca and Serradura which are Goan desserts worth tasting.

3. Navtara: If you are someone who is a vegetarian or want to hog onto hygienic street food, Navtara is the place for you. The casual dining place has outlets located throughout the city. You could try great South Indian food, pav bhaaji and Indian street food. The outlets are extremely cheap and comfortable and the food is pretty good

4. Inferno: This place is like an open cafe and it’s pretty cool with the live music in the background, water fountains and good Goan delicacies. The Goan Curry and Chicken Xacuti are a mix of Goan and Portuguese culture and very popular here. The place has a family vibe with foreigners enjoying the Indian experiences. This place has an excellent hospitality and a quick service

5. Kailash Parbat : Located near Calangute Beach this place in Goa caters to a wide range of local Bombay street food. If you are someone who enjoys food, this is the place for you. You can enjoy some local vada pav here, raggda patties, kulfi falooda, etc, The place is best to spend a lazy hot afternoon in Goa and enjoy some mouth watering street food.