5 Things To Do In Thailand Except Shopping


That’s how the Thai people greet you lovingly. Enriched with a rich culture, diversity and nature, Thailand is surely one of the most peaceful and beautiful country of Asia. Being a 9 time visitor to Thailand, people always asked me to assist them in planning their travel itinerary. However, I was always asked what could we do in Thailand except shop! Well for all you holiday lovers out there, Thailand is much more than merely shopping.T So ditch your shopping plans and explore Thailand like never before!

1. The Golden Triangle

The point where the Mekong River merges with the Ruak River and where Burma or Myanmar , Laos and Thailand meet is known as the Golden Triangle. Standing on the river banks of Thailand you can take a boat ride to look closer. The area is full of market stalls, Buddha and elephant statues, and plenty of signs to tell you that you have arrived at the Golden triangle. This used to be an opium growing region, the exhibition at the Hall of Opium, in Golden Triangle Park, offers a good view on the history and effects of the industry as well as the potency of opium as a drug. You can find various tour guides on the spot who would tell you the history of the Golden triangle as well as the relations between all the merging countries.




2. Adventures at the Dream World

The Thai capital of Bangkok is home to one of the biggest adventure park which has some amazing sports and activities like wild water rides, fast and thrilling rides to please the adrenaline-rush seekers, small rides that are perfect for kids, cute animal farms, quirky attractions for photography, the chance to experience a mini snow world, the opportunity to feel tiny as a mouse in the Giant’s house, a joyful parade with all the Disney characters. Dream World is the best place to spend a complete day with your friends and family with great adventures, good food and a lot of entertainment




3. Safari World

Safari World is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok which is divided into two parks: Marine park and Safari park. The major highlights of the park are dolphin show, Hollywood cowboy stunts show, bird show, orang-utans and elephant shows, crocodile garden, fish farms, a ride through the jungles, feeding tiger and lion cubs and a jungle cruise river ride. The Safari World is very enjoyable for the children as they become very excited and curious to see animals perform stunts.





4. A Journey Through Thai Temples

Thailand is rich in its culture. Thai people are very religious in nature and being  buddhist country they follow all the rituals and celebrate every festivity with great enthusiasm and love. Every temple resembles the Thai culture and traditions and has a story to tell. One of the most beautiful temple of the world is The White Temple  (Wat Rong Khun), the glimpses of which can be seen on various travelling shows and movies. Other beautiful temples Wats as called in Thai are Temple of the Reclining Buddha, having a 45m long statue of Buddha in a reclining position and Wat Arun which is also known as the Temple of Dawn and Magnificence looking spectacular  when it is lit in the night sky.


5. Island Hopping

With about 5000 miles of coastline, Thailand has beautiful white sand beaches and islands to be explored. See Phang Nga Bay and the limestone rocks to the western coast of Thailand are very famous for their beautiful photography points. You could also go for island hop in the Andaman Sea of the Phuket and Krabi. The beaches are a store to various sea activities including snorkelling, banana boat rides, paragliding and speed boat ridings. An afternoon at the beach in Thailand is relaxing and fun at the same time with lots of exciting stuff to try.