Lansdowne – Tarkeshwar

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple with its special Shivlanga and a kund known as Gauri Kund is situated 33 km away from Lansdowne. People take bath in Gauri Kund before entering the temple. The area around the temple is known for its untouched greenery and high Devdar trees. Two other famous temples, Durga Devi Temple and Jwalpa Devi, which are on the Pauri-Kotdwar road are 24 km and 47 km away respectively. Durga Devi Temple is one of the oldest Sidh peeths in India.

Kanva Ashram, a well-known landmark is situated 14 km from Kotdwar railway station. Shakuntala, wife of King Dushantya and deserted by him, is said to have given birth to Bharat in the ashram of Rishi Kanva in ancient India. India got its name ‘Bharat’ in Sanskrit after Bharat became king following the death of his father.

Lansdowne and Tarkeshwar can be easily covered even on a 2-day holidays from Delhi and nearby places. Moreover, Lansdowne offers some good options for stay including one GMVN.

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